ESD Wrist Strap

Product Description


Through the wrist strap and ground wire, discharge the body’s electrostatic to the earth, so the wrist strap must be in contact with the skin when use, and the ground wire also need to be directly grounded and ensure that the ground wire unimpeded to maximize the effectiveness.



Widely used in electronics manufacturing, PCB board, communication electronics, LCD/LED touch screen and electronic equipment industries. Effectively, the static electricity generated by the human body during exercise can quickly eliminate the static electricity, and achieve the ultimate goal of electrostatic discharge and static voltage balance.



Wire material PU/PVC
Wire diameter 2.05mm,2.4mm
Line length 1.8m,2.4m and 3m customized
Color Blue, black, rose red, etc
Conductive fiber spacing 0.1mm
Surface resistance 106-109Ω
Conductive yarn Black yarn, white yarn
Plug type Straight or Lantern head
Electrostatic discharge time 0.1s
Surface resistance 106Ω




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