Anti-Static Tweezers Stainless Steel

Product Description


The anti-static tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials, which are flexible and easy to use, and are suitable for the processing and installation of electrostatic sensitive components.


Product Series


Name Model Material Specification Hardness
Anti-static stainless steel tweezers ESD-10 302 110mm HRC40
ESD-11 302 140mm HRC40
ESD-12 302 135mm HRC40
ESD-13 302 120mm HRC40
ESD-14 302 110mm HRC40
ESD-15 302 116mm HRC40
ESD-16 302 125mm HRC40
ESD-17 302 115mm HRC40
Features Good strength, non-magnetic material
Be flexible and use your fingers for long periods of time without fatigue
Convenient, safe, flexible and durable
Applications Stainless steel tweezers are widely used in electronics, watches, jewelry, inspection of cloth, chemical, laboratory and high-tech fields



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