ESD Strapping Band

Product Description


  1. Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material. Due to its good plasticity, strong fracture tension, resistance to bending fatigue, low density and good tensile impact performance;
  2. All kinds of strapping machines (semi-automatic, automatic and manual baling machines) applicable to all industries;
  3. Strong adhesion, large tensile force, light quality, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high-grade;
  4. Bright color, yellow, white, black and other colors;
  5. According to customer requirements and samples, we can produce special packing tape such as printing words and ICONS.


Widely used in wooden industry, paper industry, electrical appliances, metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton belt and other industries carton packing or other relatively light object packaging, suitable for packing tape machine (semi-automatic, automatic, manual baler).


Material PP
Color Black
Width 6mm, 9mm,12mm
Length 1000m-3000m
Thickness 0.6 mm- 0.9 mm
Resistant temperature 170 ℃ + 5 ℃
Wrapping paper core 200mm


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